Why Choose Glass

Splashbacks has become an increasingly popular choice over the years to protect your kitchen or bathroom from spills and splashes. The decision to select the perfect Splashback for your home can be a complex process due to extensive range of options available in today’s market. We feel the Splashbacks need to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain, hardwearing and get the most value out of your money. To achieve these qualities, we recommended ‘Digital printed Glass’ for those wishing to add a modern and creative twist to kitchen or bathroom. It can easily withstand temperatures of cold and heat in its toughened state. It is easy to maintain and provides exemplary resistance to tough stains and chemical agents. With our specialised UV digital printing technique, IdGlass provides a luxury look to every style of interior.

From our Experience, We list below the most popular qualities of Glass Panels.


Aesthetic Appearance

With Glass Panels, we can offer huge range of designs or patterns digitally printed on them. These can be patterns, scenic, landscape or even plain colours best suited to your likings. This means the Splashback can be perfectly matched to your interior finishes. Glass spalshbacks offer streamlined look that is more pleasing to eyes.



Glass is an ecological material, meaning they are impervious to water, bacteria and stains. They are easy to clean and unlike tiles where grouting attracts dirt and germs. Any stains or marks can be easily wiped off using a clean cloth.



Heat Toughened

IdGlass only use high quality low iron toughened glass as standard for all of our splashback products. Toughned glass is 5 times more stronger than the equivalent thickness of non toughened glass offering increased resistance to both sudden rise in hot and cold temperatures. It can withstand a temperature differentials upto 220 °c.


Cost – Effective

In the long run, the tiled splashbacks would require regular maintenance in terms of regrouting or retiling to look more pleasing. The initial cost of the glass splashback may seem an expensive purchase but regular maintenance of tiles will outweigh the initial investment of Glass splashbacks.



Safety Installation

Due to strong nature of toughened glass, there is an unlikely event of breakage. However, if it does break, the shattered pieces will have blunt edges so that they can be handled safely. The installation process is significantly easy as it requires less equipment to fix. It will not require any tile cutters or grout works to complete the installation.