Ordering Process

Once you have finalised your favourite design and have exact measurements for your splashback. There are three options as below:

Standard Size Glass Splashback

Here we have a list of popular sizes for glass splashback in kitchen and bathroom category. Standard glass sizes are in stock and ready to process upon order confirmation. Lead time is approx 5 working days.

After finalising a design, you can click on the “Standard Sizes” tab

Select a size which will be a good fit with your size requirement. E.g. If your wall area is 605mm wide and 758mm high, a good fit is 600mm width x 750mm height.


Custom Size Glass Splashback

If you wish to avail a made to measure service, select “Custom size” tab. Here you will be asked to enter a dimension in millimeters for Width and Height of your glass splashback.

E.g. 968mm width and 825mm height, the glass is cut to exact size, and then toughened on request to form a custom sized glass splashback.

Lead time is 10-14 working days.


Template Size Glass Splashback

A bespoke shaped glass splashback with a cutout for sockets or glass could be Irregular Rectangle, L-Shaped, Reverse L-Shaped, Tee Shaped or U-Shaped. We will require the specific dimensions in detail. You will find a template form in our downloads section. Select a suitable template form, download and print it. You may have a combination of shapes in your splashback design, so more than one template form is required.

On a template form, fill in width and heights at each corner and mid distances. Try to provide as many dimensions.

Count how many socket cutouts are required and label the edge distance on the template form. Note: 30mm clear distance is mandatory between any two cutouts, to maintain structural integrity of glass.

Scan the template form and email for an accurate quotation.

We also offer a template and fitting service, please email us on info@idglass.co.uk to request further information