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Printed Glass Splashbacks

Printed Glass Splashbacks can bring life and embellish your kitchen that appears unexciting and dull.  Printed glass splashbacks add an extra touch of class and compliment to your cook’s room. There are numerous benefits associated with our printed glass splashbacks. These provide extra protection and are extremely easy to clean compared to tiles, as it gets quite untidy near the hob after cooking. Just a wipe can remove all stains and greasiness. Tiles fixed around hobs have become out-dated because of the difficulty faced in cleaning these tiles.

ID Glass Printed Glass Splashbacks are also heat resistant and defiant when exposed to large amount of heat. No need to worry about the maintenance because these cannot be easily impaired and are quite durable due to the great superior quality material used by ID Glass in making these splashbacks. Our printed glass splashbacks endurance makes them very cost effective and low maintenance expenditure.

One of the most key benefits of splashbacks is its ability to add brightness and colour to your kitchen. During summers you always have a view of outside from your kitchen window but what about the dark nights and long winters? Light in winters is limited and disappears quickly bringing darkness in our homes. Printed glass splashbacks reflect kitchen light thoroughly and by using fascinating printed pictures, it also gives a sight to look at during dark hours. Especially for people who love cooking and spend a lot of hours in their kitchen, glass splashbacks is the right choice for them.

The choice of picture printed on the splashbacks is entirely up to you. It could be anything, a memorable picture from any occasion that you adore or quote that brings good vibes. ID glass also provides with its range of colourful images that can be selected depending on your preference e.g. Hob Splashbacks. These images bring pleasure-loving touch to your cooking place and make it look more classy & presentable.

ID Glass printed glass splash backs can be installed effortlessly even in tough corners of your kitchen. With proper instructions and fixings supplied, it is not very time- consuming and challenging to install a glass splash back in your kitchen.

These qualities make this product very versatile, which is why today its trending forward in modern kitchens setting examples of having scenic luxurious kitchens.